About The Company.

Quick View.

Since 2009, Altus InfoTech is offering innovative business technology solutions to its clients. Every Organization or Bussiness needs perfect digital partner to succeed in this digital world. Altus is providing such partnership by delivering efficient Web App, Mobile App, Websites and Softwares”

Within a time span of just 6 years we have successfully delivered over 300 projects to clients worldwide.

What We Do?

We excels in CMS and creating responsive websites which supports all your devices..

We experienced in creating softwares for Stand-alone Evironment, Multi-user Environment, Enterprise and small bussiness.

Cloud-based applications, web portals, e-commerce sites, blogging are our favorites play grounds.


Our Process.

Our skilled and experienced experts help the clients define the software requirements and scope thereby generating a clear map for the client and our development teams. This is where we generate maximum value for the clients.
Development has different phases like system analysis, design and choosing optimal technology. Then we finalize the user interface with the client approval.
Industry standard Test-driven development ensures the product delivery in required quality at scheduled time-bound. Testing plays major role to create a bug-free system. Our Quality team ensures that defects are recognized as soon as possible.

Our Clients.